msticpy — 0.6.0/1 Release

New Features

Friendly Exceptions

User-friendly exception example

Time Series Analysis

Time Series Analysis using msticpy and Bokeh

Anomalous Sequences

Timeline results for anomalous sessions (anomalies at bottom of graph)

Documentation and Readme updates

  • Added documentation for Azure Sentinel configuration for notebooks — how to use the config.json and msticpyconfig.yaml.
  • Updated a lot of the introductory sections to readthedocs to bring up-to-date and align with README
  • Replaced some badly-formatted tables in readthedocs docs
  • Anomaly Sequence and TimeSeries module/API docs not appear in the API doc tree

Other Changes

  • We replaced the use of the ipywidgets Output widget with IPython updatable display() objects. This is primarily for nteract/AML compatability. (The PR for this #71). Most Jupyter notebook users will be familiar with the IPython display() function. What is less well-known is that each call to display creates a display object that can be referenced and updated by later code.
Execute the first cell to display some text
Executing the second cell updates the display object from the previous cell
  • Added check_version() function that will check the current version against latest on PyPI
Checking that your msticpy version is up-to-date
  • Relaxing some version requirements in to match AzureNotebooks resulting in quicker install #68
  • Adding new queries for Notebooklets project #67




This is the account of the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC).

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This is the account of the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC).

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