MSTICPy 0.8.8 Release

  • VirusTotal API V3 support — with notebook support for viewing and navigating the indicator relationships and the VT Graph.
  • Mordor data provider and browser — to view and import attack data sets directly into your notebook
  • Streamlined Azure authentication — you should only need to authenticate once!
  • Azure Sentinel APIs for retrieving data such as Incidents, Alert rules, bookmarks, etc. from your Azure Sentinel workspace.
  • Partitioned queries — experimental feature allowing you to split very large/complex queries into sequential chunks

VirusTotal V3 API Support

  • Parent processes of malware files.
  • Domains related to the malware.
Query from the VT API bringing back parent sample IDs for a piece of malware.
VT Graph showing relationships of files and domains for a piece of malware

Mordor data provider and browser

Querying data from Mordor
Querying Mordor data sets from the command line.
MSTICPy Mordor data browser

Streamlined Azure authentication

Azure Sentinel APIs

  • Hunting queries
  • Security Incidents
  • Alert rules
Retrieving hunting queries from the Azure Sentinel API

Partitioned Queries

  • if your queries have joins — each subquery will join only on the subset of data within each time-bounded sub-query.
  • if you do explicit manipulation of time boundaries within your query, this may produce unexpected results.
  • you must be using a pre-defined query (i.e. one of the built-in queries or a query that you’ve created), it does not work for ad hoc queries. (An ad hoc query means sending a query as a string to the query_provider.exec_query() method).

Try it out

pip install msticpy
pip install --upgrade msticpy




This is the account of the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC).

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This is the account of the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC).

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